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Dump Truck Tarp System - Electric Aluminum 4-Spring Tarp Kit for Beds Up to 24' (Width Under 95")

Dump Truck Tarp System - Electric Aluminum 4-Spring Tarp Kit for Beds Up to 24' (Width Under 95)
Additional Photos Dump Truck Tarp System - Electric Aluminum 4-Spring Tarp Kit for Beds Up to 24' (Width Under 95) Tarp system roller spool with cross tube pulling the tarp over the dump truck bed Dump truck tarp system parts diagram Steel spiral torsion spring which pulls tarp out of the roller over the dump truck bed. Lower arms of dump truck tarp system. These mount to the side of the dump body. The pivot pin goes through the lower tarp system arms and through the spiral springs and mounts to the side of the truck
Plastic tarp centering flange keeps the tarp correctly positioned on the tarp roller of a dump truck tarp system. Upper arm of a dump truck tarp system. This connects to the cross tube and moves front to back over the dump truck bed. Diagram of lower tarp system arms and spiral springs mounting on pivot pin Cross tube that slides through tarp pocket and mounts to upper tarp system arms. This pulls the tarp out over the truck.
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Dump Truck Tarp System - Electric Aluminum 4-Spring Tarp Kit for Beds Up to 24' (Width Under 95")
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This electric dump truck tarp system is made of heavy duty rustproof aluminum, making it both lightweight and durable, with a shiny, chrome-like finish that gives your truck a polished look while preventing pitting. A flip tarp system saves both time and money by covering and uncovering a load in seconds with the turn of a switch or the press of a button. It is also a much safer solution, allowing drivers to operate the tarp system from the ground or from inside the cab. What used to be a dangerous, grueling, and labor-intensive task is now one of the easiest parts of the job! Here's how a tarp system works: The tarp is spooled on an axle which is mounted at the front of the dump bed, behind or above the cab. On each side of the dump body, pivot pins are mounted with four spiral torsion springs that apply pressure on the side arms, which cross over the dump bed through a pocket in the tarp. With the turn of a switch, the 1.5 hp Tarp Motor carefully releases the tarp, allowing the tension of the springs to push the arms towards the back of the truck. To uncover the load, the motor winds the axle in the opposite direction, thus pulling the tarp and the arms back to the front of the bed (make sure the tarp spools over the axle, not under).
This tarp system is typically paired with a Mesh Dump Truck Tarp or a Vinyl Dump Truck Tarp, but it is compatible with any cover, as long as it has grommets or a spline on one end and a pocket on the other. This automatic tarp kit comes with everything you need for a quick and easy installation (2-5 hours depending on experience). The tarp axle has several options for attaching a tarp, but the most common method is to bolt the tarp to the axle using the included hardware. The system can be adjusted to fit dump bed lengths from 8' to 24', making it one of the most versatile and economical dump truck tarp systems on the market.

Note:This kit is designed to fit beds up to 95" wide. If you have a wider truck, you can order a full-size kit (oversize shipping charges may apply).

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