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Flatbed Tarps

Lumber Tarps for Flatbed Trailers
Heavy Duty and Lightweight Lumber Tarps for Flatbed Trailers. 6' and 8' Drop Tarps, 3 Piece Kits, and Our New Ca...[more info]
Steel Tarps
Steel Tarps from Carolina Tarps - For Use on Flatbed Trailers to Secure Loads Shorter, Heavier Loads.[more info]
Box Tarps
18oz Vinyl Box Tarps from Mountain Tarp - For Hauling Loads of Equal Size. Water and Air Tight.[more info]
Coil Tarps
Coil tarps for flatbed trailers are used to secure and cover steel coils or heavy duty cables.[more info]
A smoke tarp (or nose tarp) is normally used on the front of your flatbed load. These tarps include a row of D-r...[more info]

Flatbed tarps are essential tools to allow drivers to safely and effectively cover their cargo. Loads are often heavy, misshapen, or sensitive to weather, so it can be a stressful ordeal trying to figure out how to cover your flatbed. We offer a variety of flatbed tarps for sale, including steel, lumber, coil, smoke, and box tarps. Every vinyl tarp features reinforced D rings to withstand tight strapping. They are completely waterproof as well as heat, tear, and UV resistant, which means you can worry less about protecting your cargo and more about getting it where it needs to go. Flatbed trailer tarps are typically quite large and cumbersome, which is why we have both heavy duty and lightweight tarps to best fit your needs.

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