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Lumber Tarp - 8' Drop 18oz Flatbed Tarp 24' x 27' Waterproof Vinyl

Lumber Tarp - 8' Drop 18oz Flatbed Tarp 24' x 27' Waterproof Vinyl
Item #: 6117
Part #: FB-24x27-IMP
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Lumber Tarp - 8' Drop 18oz Flatbed Tarp 24' x 27' Waterproof Vinyl
Item #: 6117
Part #: FB-24x27-IMP
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Lumber tarps are used for covering flatbed trailer loads that are typically around 8' tall and 8' wide. "Lumber" simply refers to the rough size and shape of the load; you can use them to cover any material. If you are just getting started, these make a great one-size-fits-all solution, because you can accept more jobs knowing you'll be able to cover just about anything. Utilize the handy 3 rows of D rings for a tight fit, even on shorter loads.

Our 8ft flatbed tarps measure 24’ x 27’ with an 8' x 8' flap, with 8" rain flaps and are made of heavy-duty 18oz waterproof vinyl. They are UV and mildew resistant, with waterproof, heat-welded seams, and hemmed edges. The sides have three rows of D-rings, box-stitched with a flap to protect against damage from hooks and straps. If proper care is taken, these tarps will hold up to the rugged demands of the flatbed trucking industry with no problem, letting you rest easy and focus on safely delivering your load. That said, all fabric will tear if they are pulled over sharp corners or edges, so be sure to pad your load with appropriate protective equipment.

8' Drop Lumber Tarp Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 24’ x 27’ with 8’ x 8’ end flap
  • Total Weight: 120 lb (Too heavy? See the Lightweight version!)
  • Rain Flaps: 8"
  • Material: 18oz PVC-coated polyester, 40% coating on underside, 60% coating on top
  • Seams: Heat-sealed, waterproof
  • Grommets: #5 (5/8” inside dia.) brass grommets every 24”
  • D-Rings: 3 rows of D-rings, box-stitched with protective flap. D-rings are spaced every 24" with a row at 31", 61", and 91".
  • Reinforcing: All hemmed edges reinforced with double lock-stitched UV-treated polyester thread
  • Weather Resistance: Waterproof, ultraviolet and mildew resistant
  • Cold Crack: -30 degrees C
  • View full quality specifications here.

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