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Electric Dump Truck Trouble-Shooting Guide

Applies to any 12V electric dump truck system with rotary style switch kit.

Warning: Do not attempt to diagnose or repair any electrical components without consulting a professional technician.

My motor is only turning in one direction, but not the other.
Solution 1: Swap the 2 wires attached to the tarp motor. If the motor turns in the opposite direction now, then your rotary switch needs to be replaced. Solution 2: If the motor still operates in the same direction after swapping the wires on the motor, this means your motor needs to be replaced.

My motor winds the tarp up, but when I let go of the switch, the tarp unrolls by itself!
Step 1: Your motor should always be locked in position when power is disengaged. You may need a new motor.

My tarp system does not activate either direction when turning the switch!
Solution 1: Is your red indicator light illuminating on your switch kit mounting bracket when you turn the switch in both directions? If so:

- this indicates either the wiring to your motor is compromised and needs to be checked for breaks, separation or end terminals that might have slipped out. If wiring is verified:
- this indicates your motor might be faulty. To verify, have a trusted mechanic test the motor with a multimeter to check the motor is receiving 12V when pressing the switch.

Solution 2: If your red indicator light is NOT illuminating when turning the switch, this indicates that power is not reaching your rotary switch. Have a trusted mechanic locate your automatic circuit breaker that was installed on your positive 6Ga. Wire that extends from the positive terminal of the truck battery to the LINE side of the black manual circuit breaker on the rotary switch kit. If the automatic circuit breaker is NOT reading 12V on the load side, this indicates the circuit breaker is faulty and needs to be replaced.

-If the automatic circuit breaker reads 12V on the line and load side, follow this same procedure on the line and load side of the manual circuit breaker on the rotary switch kit. If the line and load side is not reading 12V, this indicates a faulty Manual circuit breaker.

My tarp system motor works great, it just makes a loud grinding noise.
Solution 1: Have a trusted mechanic remove the plastic motor cover and test the system again, sometimes the plastic motor cover can vibrate to cause a loud noise. Solution 2: Keep an eye out and an ear out for this noise getting louder or more consistent. This indicates that your motor might be starting to become faulty.