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Vinyl Tarp Repair Kit - 3' x 5' vinyl patch plus Vinyl Cement

Vinyl Tarp Repair Kit - 3' x 5' vinyl patch plus Vinyl Cement
In Stock. Expected to ship tomorrow.
Item #: 9702
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Vinyl Tarp Repair Kit - 3' x 5' vinyl patch plus Vinyl Cement
Item #: 9702
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In Stock. Expected to ship tomorrow.

Accidents happen, and tarps do tear. If yours does, our Vinyl Tarp Repair Kit can save the day. Trim torn edges to make them as smooth and even as possible, clean the surrounding area, press the tarp flat, apply glue to the edges of the tarp and the edges of the patch, then press to adhere. Kit includes:

  • 3' x 5' piece of 18 oz. vinyl that you can use as is or cut to fit your tear. (Other colors may be available; request color preference in the "Notes" section of the shopping cart and we will accommodate, if possible)
  • HH66 vinyl cement, a superior quality, fast drying (2-5 minutes), solvent-synthetic resin adhesive that is waterproof, not affected by weather or temperature extremes, and is highly resistant to oil, fuel, grease, and many other chemicals. Shelf life is 18 months or longer, under normal conditions.
  • Base:Thermoplasticelastomer
    Solvent:MEK-Toluene-Acetone Blend
    Viscosity:Medium, 1100-1300 cps.
    Application:Brush or Roller
    Solids:15% ± 1% (Approximately)
    Net Weight:8 Lbs. (Approximately)
    Temperature Range:-30° to 180°F.
    Tack Life:2 - 5 minutes
    Shelf Life:18 months or longer
    Flash Point:22° F.


    Danger – Flammable Mixture.
    Do Not Use Near Fire or Flame.
    Use with Adequate Ventilation.
    Vapor May Cause Flash Fire.
    Avoid Prolonged Breathing of Vapor and Contact With Eyes and Skin.

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