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Lightweight Lumber Tarp with 8' Drop - CarolinaLITE

Lightweight Lumber Tarp with 8' Drop - CarolinaLITE
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Lightweight Lumber Tarp with 8' Drop - CarolinaLITE
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Part #: FB-24x27-LITE

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Lightweight Flatbed Tarps: Protect Your Load and Your Back!

Lightweight lumber tarps have posed a challenge for manufacturers for years. How do you build a tarp that is strong enough to withstand the rugged demands of flatbed trucking, yet light enough to be handled safely by a single driver? Previous attempts have only resulted in thinner materials that just don't hold up. We wanted to serve this need and have finally developed a proprietary solution to all of these issues. The new CarolinaLITE™ lightweight flatbed tarp is designed with the needs of the driver in mind. The core polyester knitted scrim is the same as a typical PVC lumber tarp, but the extra-light polymer coating results in a fabric with strength comparable to standard vinyl, but at 65% of the weight! Note: The tear strength on this material can be comparable or even superior to standard vinyl, but the lightweight coating is sensitive to abrasion. For long-term durability, avoid tight strapping or other treatment that can wear down the protective coating.

These 70 lb tarps provide all the protection your cargo needs without the stress that your back doesn't. Grey in color, with hemmed edges and reinforced, double-stitched, 2" polyester webbing. The sides and flap have three rows of stainless steel D-rings, each box-stitched with a small flap that offers extra protection. Stop breaking your back fighting with 100+lb tarps, and try the new CarolinaLITE™ lightweight flatbed tarp today!

  • 100% waterproof
  • Easy to clean
  • Chloride, dioxin, and plasticizer free
  • Significantly lighter than almost any lumber tarp on the market
  • Only 70 lb

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