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Lightweight Lumber Tarp with 8' Drop - CarolinaLITE

Lightweight Lumber Tarp with 8' Drop - CarolinaLITE
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Lightweight Lumber Tarp with 8' Drop - CarolinaLITE
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Part #: FB-24x27-LITE

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Lightweight Flatbed Tarps: Protect Your Load and Your Back!

Lightweight lumber tarps have posed a challenge for manufacturers for years. How do you build a tarp that is strong enough to withstand the rugged demands of flatbed trucking, yet light enough to be handled safely by a single driver? Previous attempts have only resulted in thinner materials that just don't hold up. We wanted to serve this need and have finally developed a proprietary solution to all of these issues. The new CarolinaLITE™ lightweight flatbed tarp is designed with the needs of the driver in mind. The core polyester knitted scrim is the same as a typical PVC lumber tarp, making it just as strong, but the the high-strength, extra-light polymer coating results in a fabric that can exceed the strength and durability of standard vinyl, but at 65% of the weight!

These 70 lb tarps provide all the protection your cargo needs without the stress that your back doesn't. Grey in color, with hemmed edges and reinforced, double-stitched, 2" polyester webbing. The sides and flap have three rows of stainless steel D-rings, each box-stitched with a small flap that offers extra protection. Stop breaking your back fighting with 100+lb tarps, and try the new CarolinaLITE™ lightweight flatbed tarp today!

  • Stronger and lighter than PVC vinyl lumber tarps!
  • 100% waterproof
  • Easy to clean
  • Chloride, dioxin, and plasticizer free
  • 36% lighter than standard lumber tarps
  • Only 70 lb

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