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3-Piece Lightweight Lumber Tarp Set - 8' Drop Ripstop (77 lb, 62 lb, 77 lb) BLACK

3-Piece Lightweight Lumber Tarp Set - 8' Drop Ripstop (77 lb, 62 lb, 77 lb) BLACK
In Stock. Expected to ship Monday.
Item #: 34878
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3-Piece Lightweight Lumber Tarp Set - 8' Drop Ripstop (77 lb, 62 lb, 77 lb) BLACK
Item #: 34878
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In Stock. Expected to ship Monday.

The Lightweight 3 Piece Flatbed Tarp Kit includes:

  • (2) 24' x 22' end pieces with 8' x 8' flaps, including rain flaps for water-tight tarping
  • (1) 24' x 20' center piece

Protect your investment with corner protectors and edge protectors!

Super Lightweight Flatbed Tarp Specifications

  • Dimensions: Two 24' x 20' tarps with 8' x 8' end flaps, one 24' x 20' center piece
  • Weight: End Pieces: 77 lb, Center Piece: 62 lb
  • Rain Flaps:Yes - 8" rain flaps for water-tight tarping
  • Material: PVC-Coated RipStop Nylon
  • Seams: Heat-sealed, waterproof
  • Grommets: #5 (5/8" inside dia.) brass grommets every 24"
  • D-Rings: 3 rows of D-rings, box-stitched with protective flap. D-rings are spaced every 24" with a row at 31", 61", and 91".
  • Reinforcing: All hemmed edges reinforced with 2" webbing, double lock-stitched with UV-treated polyester thread
  • Weather Resistance: RipStop Nylon is 100% Waterproof, ultraviolet and mildew resistant. RipStop Nylon prevents moisture penetration, but may feel damp to the touch.

These Lightweight Lumber Tarps are made with a specially designed PVC-coated nylon fabric, which makes the tarp about 26% lighter! Other lightweight tarps are typically made of thinner material, such as parachute or airbag material, or 14oz vinyl. But the weaker material just results in expensive tarps that are easily damaged. After researching and testing several options, we decided to make our lightweight tarps with industrial grade abrasion resistant PVC-coated nylon. We were able to create a flatbed tarp that is just as strong and reliable as standard 18 oz PVC tarps, but not nearly as bulky and burdensome.

Flatbed tarps take a beating, and nylon takes it on the chin. It holds up well to being poked, dragged, walked on, and even yelled at. The PVC coating on one side prevents moisture from penetrating the fabric, but it is a thin layer, so do be mindful of the possibility of condensation forming on the underside of the material. Trucking is hard work, but we've tried to create a rugged tarp that will get the job done without requiring a trip to the chiropractor afterwards!

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