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7' x 24' Heavy Duty Mesh Dump Truck Tarp

7' x 24' Heavy Duty Mesh Dump Truck Tarp
In Stock. Expected to ship tomorrow.
Item #: 2394
Part #: DT-HDBM-7x24
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7' x 24' Heavy Duty Mesh Dump Truck Tarp
Item #: 2394
Part #: DT-HDBM-7x24
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In Stock. Expected to ship tomorrow.

Tarp may be available on clearance.

Our PVC-coated heavy duty mesh dump truck tarps are suitable for most electric and manual tarp systems, including front to rear tarp systems, flip tarp systems, mousetrap tarp systems, cab-level crank tarp systems, and ground level crank tarp systems.

These heavy duty tarps feature a 17x17 thread count (15oz per sq yd) that can be useful for applications where the standard 11x17 is not enough.

They come in a wide range of sizes; please carefully measure your truck bed or trailer, allowing for the bulk of your load, to accurately determine the tarp size you need. (On most systems, you will want to add at least two feet to the bed of the truck or trailer to leave some tarp on your roller, and subtract two to six inches from the width of your roller mounts. See size guide for more.)

Each mesh tarp includes the following features:

  • Made from PVC-coated polyester fibers
  • Extreme durability even under heavy use or severe conditions
  • Flow-though weave that prevents wind flap, tearing, and abrasion
  • Double needle lock stitching throughout
  • Universal design to allow easy integration with all standard dump truck tarp kits and systems
  • 6" pocket with reinforced webbing for added strength and durability
  • Rust-proof grommets
  • Standard color black, brown available by request

Please note that while PVC mesh tarps are UV resistant, mildew and rot resistant, and offer excellent protection from wind and rain, they are not completely waterproof.

In general, PVC mesh tarps are best suited for the following applications:

  • rock or gravel hauling
  • trash or refuse hauling
  • tree or debris hauling
  • fill dirt or sand hauling
  • mulch or wood chip hauling
  • landscape or agricultural hauling

Please feel free to Contact Us with any Questions. Thank You!