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Pioneer RP4500SAR Strong Arm Tarping System w/ Fixed Gantry

Pioneer RP4500SAR Strong Arm Tarping System w/ Fixed Gantry
Item #: 20268
Part #: RP4500SAR
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Pioneer RP4500SAR Strong Arm Tarping System w/ Fixed Gantry
Item #: 20268
Part #: RP4500SAR
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Rack 'n Pinion Strong Arm System

Pioneer's RP4500SAR is an enhanced Rack & Pinion system designed for hooklift and rolloff trucks on which space is limited behind the cab. Starting with the strengthened base arm, through the Rack 'n Pinion Pivot. And on to the reinforced "C" Channel, the RP4500SAR delivers better leverage, greater control, and a longer life span. Includes telescoping lower arms, a fixed gantry w/ Rollmaster roller assembly, 3/16" A5 steel strong arms, external cylinders, and a reinforced black mesh tarp. See below for other tarp options.

The Rollmaster RP4500SAR roller assembly features Pioneer's Rack 'n' Pinion Strong Arm technology for greater control of your system's side arm movement. The rack gear's forward and backward movement is controlled by a hydraulic cylinder which works in conjunction with the pinion gear located at the base of the pivot arms. This fully hydraulic system is known for reliability and low maintenance. The technology allows for speed control and precision synchronization of the pivot arms as you raise and lower the cover to your container.


  • Arms made from 3/16 A500B Steel with a 1/4" extended, reinforced "C" Channel
  • Telescoping arms with a 36" stroke
  • Quick tarp attachment
  • Cylinders mounted externally for ease of accessiblity and maintenance
  • Offset stabilizer bar reduces roller damage
  • Ratchet and pawl system tray leads to fast installation

Rollmaster with Fixed Gantry

The RP4500SAR model comes with the Rollmaster roller assembly, fixed legs, roll rest for limited space behind the cab, our standard tarp and patented telescoping Low-Arms with nitrided (case hardened) external cylinders. This model is for use with 22' to 24' hooklift trucks, cable hoist trucks, trailers transporting containers of various heights and trucks where space behind the cab is limited.

Beyond the Strong Arm technology, Pioneer's RP4500SAR Rollmaster system uses a unique spring-loaded roller assembly, creating a smooth rolling action with your fabric tarp. This roller assembly is so versatile, it can be mounted to the pivot arms on models with both adjustable gantries and stationary roll rests.

Mesh tarp is included with this system

This Strong Arm system comes with a 114" Heavy Duty Mesh Tarp, reinforced at the front and back with wear-resistant urethane-coated nylon.

Parts Included:

The RP4500SAR model comes with the Spring Loaded Roller, consisting of: roll tube, roller shaft, spacer, spacer/cone assembly, aluminum cone, two roller bearings, a tab for aluminum cone, tab for steel cone, and a roll spring (.250).

Also included: Flow divider/combiner (delta), -8 SAE M x -8 JIC M 90 degree ELL, Flow Diverter 1 GPM, SAE M Plug, Cover Control Valve -2 Spool, Mounting Tube Cap, U bolt, Roll Rest (R Model), Shaft Collar (R Model), Hydraulic Hose (-4 x 14" Crimped one end), -6 SAE x -6 JIC M ELL, Adapter, -6 JIC M x -6 JIC F 90 degree ELL, TEE, Reusable Fitting for -4 Hose (2pc), 1/4 NPT x -6 JIC M Adapter, 1/4 NPT x -6 JIC F Adapter, Flow Control Valve (DRV-08-01 x .5), Hydraulic Hose (-8 x 8' crimped one end), Reusable fitting for -8 hose, 1/2" NPT x -8 JIC M Adapter, Chassis Mounting tool, Stabilizer Bar Assembly, Tarp Tube, Right and Left side Mounting Bracket Assemblies, Driver and Passenger Side Arm Assemblies and a Winding Disk to Load Roller.

Replacement tarp options include: 9' x 28' Reinforced Black Mesh, 9' x 28' Cordura (Pennsylvania DOT spec), 8' x 28' Tuff Cover Mesh (for scrap applications), or a 9 ½' x 28' reinforced black mesh for hooklifts.

Shipping weight: 1500
Crate is 10' x 4' x 2'
Class 85

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