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Grain Cart Premium Roll Tarp System - 10' wide, 12' long

Grain Cart Premium Roll Tarp System - 10' wide, 12' long
Item #: 10163
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Grain Cart Premium Roll Tarp System - 10' wide, 12' long
Item #: 10163
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Premium Roll-up Tarp Systems Include:

  • 18 oz Premium Roll Tarp (with stationary and roll tube pockets)
  • Aluminum Latch Plate
  • Standard Tarp Stops
  • Galvanized Bows
  • Fabric End Caps (Galvanized Steel or Aluminum upgrades available)
  • Crank Arm Assembly (with zinc-plated u-joint)
  • Crank Retainer
  • Center Ridge Strap (two for kits over 8' in width)
  • Roll Tube
  • Roll Tube Bungee Return
  • Stationary Tube


These premium roll tarp kits come complete, ready to install with the components needed to cover your grain cart, grain trailer, gravity wagon, or fertilizer spreader. (Tools not included)

These are made custom to order. To ensure that you receive the system that properly fits and protects your load, tape verified measurements are required. We follow the sage advice: "Measure three times, cut once!," and recommend the same.

To get your system quicker, download the detail sheet and record the measurements before ordering.

18oz (or 22oz) Premium Roll Tarp:
These premium tarps come standard 18oz, but 22oz is available for heavy duty work. Tarps are cut to your specific needs to fit your cart properly. A material that has been treated against mildew and UV rays is used. Seams are welded for waterproofing as well as extra durability. Roll tarp pockets are double stitched.

Aluminum Latch Plate

Standard Tarp Stops:
The tarp stops included in these kits ensure that your tarp does not roll over the edge of your cart when in the open position.

Galvanized Bows:
Galvanized bows provide you with a rust and corrosion free solution for your tarping system. Bows keep your tarp well curved above the sides of your container bed.

Fabric End Caps (Upgrade to Galvanized Steel or Aluminum):
Fabric end caps are suitable for carts with two separate degrees of slant in the top edge of the back of your cart. You may also wish to use galvanized metal end caps if your cart has a continuous, single degree of slant or no slant at all. Metal end caps are galvanized to prevent all the key components of a premium tarping system from rusting over time.

Crank Arm Assembly:
An important component in a tarping system is a reliable crank arm to smoothly open and close your tarp across your cart. Crank arms are adjustable every 4" to suit your specifications and are also available extra- long.

Crank Retainer with Stand Off:
Stand offs are available in two sizes, depending on the depth of slant of the back of your cart. This component is what holds your crank arm in place when your cart is in motion.

Center Ridge Strap:
Premium systems come standard with two center ridge straps that run from one end cap to the other to give perpendicular support for systems over 8' in width. One will be provided for systems 8' wide and under. These center ridge straps prevent your tarp from sagging between bows.

Roll Tube:
18oz tarps have pockets that fit a roll tube and a stationary tube - one on each long end. The roll tube rolls over the cart as you open and close your system, pulling your tarp across.

Roll Tube Bungee Return

Stationary tube:
The stationary tube connects permanently to one side of your cart, holding the tarp in place as you roll the other side across.

Please feel free to Contact Us with any Questions. Thank You!