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Heavy Duty 22oz Waterproof Vinyl Dump Truck Tarps - Straight, No Flaps

Our heavy duty, waterproof black vinyl tarps are specifically designed for use on dump trucks and dump truck trailers. These are replacement tarps that will fit most standard electric and manual tarp systems. Reinforced with webbing along the length of both sides, these tarps provide complete protection from the elements and will hold up under the most stringent circumstances. Evenly spaced, rust-proof grommets allow easy tie down, screw down, or attachment to your tarp roller bar. On most systems, you will want to add at least two feet to the bed of the truck or trailer to leave some tarp on your roller, and subtract two to six inches from the width of your roller mounts. See size guide for more. Custom sizes are available if you don't see what you're looking for. Many sizes are cut to order and might not always be able to be returned or exchanged.

Heavy Duty 22oz Waterproof Vinyl Dump Truck Tarps - Straight, No Flaps

These waterproof vinyl tarps, sometimes known as flip tarps, or front to rear tarps, are of a universal design to allow them to serve as replacement tarps for most electric and manual dump truck and dump trailer tarp systems. Designed to keep your load fully protected from inclement weather, they feature reinforced webbing along the length of both sides, as well as rust-proof metal grommets to safely and completely secure your tarp in place and protect your load. Straight, with no flaps, these heavy-duty vinyl tarps offer outstanding performance and durability. Distinctive features include:

  • 22 oz. vinyl coated fabric
  • Seamless construction guarantees 100% waterproof and windproof protection
  • Available in 7', 7'6", and 8' widths and a variety of lengths
  • 6" pocket with reinforced webbing for added strength and durability
  • Rust-proof grommets spaced every 24" down both sides
  • Rust-proof grommets evenly spaced along the front edge to allow easy attachment to tarp roll-up bar or tarp system
  • Reinforced webbing on all edges for added durability and tear strengths
  • Complete protection from wind, rain, hail, and snow
  • UV resistant
  • Mildew and rot resistant
  • Available in black, gray, red, blue, and green


Fabric Construction
Weight: 6 oz.
Fiber: Polyester
Fabric Style: 18 x 18
Total Weight: 22 +1/- 0.5 oz PSY
Type of Coating: PVC
Coating Distribution: 60% front / 40% back
Width: 61”
Sealing Properties: Dielectric and Thermal

Properties Results Methods
      Fed. Std. 191B ASTM
Grab Tensile: Warp 768 lbs 5100 D751
  Fill 640 lbs    
Strip Tensile: Warp (1") 350 lbs 5102 D751
  Fill (1") 330 lbs    
Tongue Tear: Warp 105 Lbs 5134 D751
  Fill 90 Lbs    
Adhesion: Dielectric 10 Lbs   D751
Abrasion (Taber): Wheel: H-18 1000 5106 D3889
  1,000 Gram Load      
Hydro Resistance   625 PSI 5512 D3786
Low Temperature   -40 degrees F   D2136
Mildew Resistant   YES    
Ultra Violet Resistant   YES    

Heavy Duty 22oz Waterproof Vinyl Dump Truck Tarps - Straight, No Flaps

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