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Hot Top/RFL Asphalt Tarps with Side Flaps

Our Hot Top asphalt tarps are designed to fit most dump truck and dump truck trailer tarp systems, either new or as replacement tarps. Especially engineered to perform and hold up in high heat environments, Hot Top tarps are lighter and easier to work with than vinyl and will not stick to your asphalt or burn through. Suitable for hot or cold climates, these tarps are highly water and wind resistant, but they not 100% waterproof because the fabric only comes in a narrow width and at least one seam is required to produce standard-size tarps. Most of our customers prefer Hot Top to vinyl when working with hot asphalt, but some D.O.T. officials have issues with it so, if yours are finicky, you might want to talk with them before ordering.

Adding side flaps provides complete coverage and extra protection for your load. Rolled down, they'll cover the sides of your load, retaining heat and providing protection from the elements. If you have a load that doesn't require the flaps, just leave them rolled up and they'll simply add that much more reinforcement and protection to your main tarp body. On most systems, you will want to go a couple feet long to leave some tarp on your roller, and a couple inches shorter than the width of your roller. Custom sizes are available if you don't see what you're looking for. Many sizes are cut to order and might not always be able to be returned or exchanged.

Hot Top/RFL Asphalt Tarps with Side Flaps

Hot Top/RFL Asphalt Tarps with Side Flaps
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